Planning for the Presidential Election [Updated: New Resource]

By Sandy Pope

The semester is winding down and summer is on the horizon. In my state of New York, students are in their final days of exams. In the next week, students and teachers (summer school and professional development notwithstanding) will have nearly three months off before the fall term begins.

In that time, the presidential election will likely hit a fever pitch. With the race now down to two candidates, voters have time to focus in on the issues that matter. For teachers, this hopefully includes education. Once the 2012-2013 school year begins, teachers and students will have a scant few months to delve into the platforms of Obama and Romney. And while some might see more similarity than difference, the discussions are still important.

The presidential election has an important place in every classroom. As you move into the summer, how are you planning for these discussions?

Updated: The National Education Association offers a clear overview of some of the educational issues at stake.

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