The Policies of Current Events in the Classroom

Incorporating current events into the classroom can have wide-ranging, positive impacts for students, including increased content knowledge and critical thinking skills. There are countless ways to bring current events into the classroom. Whatever method you prefer, it’s important to start with an issue that is important and interesting. In recent weeks, the debate over Chik-Fil-A has grabbed people’s attention around the country. From a day of support to a national protest, many people have begin taking sides, with the restaurant chain acting as proxy for political or moral views.

Whatever your personal stance on the issues, this is a topic ripe for inclusion in your classroom. But at times, attention to the debate has raised controversy. For instance, you may have heard that some mayors want to ban the restaurant form their cities. But teachers have a responsibility to teach issues that are controversial; it’s part of our role in helping prepare new generations for democratic citizenship.

Knowing the potential for controversy, is this a topic that you would discuss with your students? How would approach it in your classroom? And from a policy standpoint, would you expect support from your administration and parents, or concern that you are crossing a line?

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