The 2012 Election and Education

Yes, the votes have been counted. President Obama has been elected to a second term. But the election didn’t end Tuesday night. The most important steps are just beginning.

In addition to the pure political content offered by the election aftermath, there are important implications for education. These will have a direct impact on you and your students, so it’s important to be informed.  The candidates agreed that education is vital to the American economy, but offered different visions for the future of American education. With Congress still divided, education reform will remain a heated debate. Now that President Obama has won re-election, it is time to focus on what he and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan seek to accomplish in the next four years. EdWeek has suggested five key areas, including reauthorizing ESEA legislation and continuing to pursue Common Core standards.

In June we encouraged you to discuss the election with your students. Now that the election is over, the real implications begin. What education policies do you think the administration should pursue?

Alexander “Sandy” Pope is a Ph.D. student in social studies education at Teachers College, Columbia University

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