“I challenge you to attend KDP Convo and see how it can help influence your career!”

Clinton Smith is the assistant professor of special education at the University of Tennessee at Martin. He also serves as one of the co-counselors at KDP’s Alpha Epsilon Epsilon Chapter at UT-Martin.

Clinton Over The Edge

KDP member and co-counselor Clinton Smith rappelling down the I-Bank Tower in Memphis. While participants won’t be rappelling this year at Convo, we assure you, the experience is just as exhilarating!

I became a member of KDP in 2006 while working through my Masters program at the University of Memphis. I was a non-traditional student returning to the classroom to work on my masters in special education. I became president of Lambda Gamma Chapter in early 2007. Our advisor, Dr. John Petry (former KDP President), encouraged me to get more involved by attending Convo.

KDP Convo is a great way to meet and connect with educators and other professionals from across the country. I first attended KDP Convo in 2007. All I can say is “WOW!” What a great experience! I had an opportunity to go some amazing sessions, learned ways to grow our chapter, met some great people, and heard the KDP Laureates speak.

I also was challenged and encouraged to become involved at a national level. I volunteered to serve on the KDP Communications Committee. Over the years since my first Convo, I have become more involved in KDP by serving as a committee chair of the Constitution & Bylaws Committee, serving on the Leadership/Nominations Committee, serving as a state delegate, and had the opportunity to lead workshops at the 2009 & 2011 Convos. I will be leading  two workshops for the 2013 Convo – come to my sessions!

At previous Convos, I attended several sessions to help me finish my doctorate. I attended a session on writing a dissertation and learned so much about the dissertation process.  Because I was encouraged by sessions on writing and publishing at KPD Convo, I have two published articles and an upcoming book chapter.

Attending KDP Convo offers you a great opportunity to be challenged, to learn new ideas, and to meet a bunch of great people who can help you in your professional career. I find myself constantly interacting with people I have met from the past Convos on Facebook and through email. We share ideas, laugh at each other’s posts, and even encourage one another through those rough days.

I have had a great experience with Kappa Delta Pi since joining in 2006 as a student and now as a college professor and KDP Counselor for our local chapter. I challenge you to attend KDP Convo this Oct. 24-26 in Dallas, and see how it can help influence your career, develop your leadership potential, and expand your network of teaching professionals. See you at Convo!

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