True Confessions

Dr. James A. Banks

Dr. James A. Banks is a KDP Laureate and one of the education “rock stars” Faye is excited to meet at Convo.

Faye Snodgress is the executive director of KDP International.

I was asked recently by a fellow KDP staff member why I seem to be a bit giddy when Convocation is being discussed. I had to confess…I am genuinely getting excited about Convo, and in particular about  seeing  my “rock stars” in education. Having heard about and read  works by James Banks for decades and frequently coming across his name in my work with the Laureate Chapter, the thought of meeting him and hearing him in person at Convo is nothing short of exhilarating. And Linda Darling Hammond! Her extensive research and thought-provoking articles are at the center of  education reform debates and teacher retention discussions. I still clearly remember her participation on the Laureate panel discussion of NCLB at Convo in 2003.

We all have education scholars that we remember from our days in teacher preparation and  from our ongoing  professional reading. They are people whose ideas and research challenge us to reflect on our understanding and practice as we pursue ever higher standards and performance for ourselves, for our schools, and for our educational policy. Laureates influence our profession in ways that makes all of us better educators. They are individuals that I greatly respect and admire. While I am busy  with the final preparations for Convo, there is still a growing  feeling of nervous excitement about meeting someone special. Yes, I’m giddy with anticipation. It doesn’t matter that I’m a self-proclaimed nerd. I can’t hide my excitement about the upcoming Laureate panels at Convo, where you will find me sitting in the front row. Convo is one of the very few venues when all members can personally and informally meet and talk to their personal “rock stars.” You can bet that I already have my books packed, ready to be signed by the scholars who authored them. For now, I continue to count the days until Friday, Oct. 25!

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