5 Reasons I’m Already Excited for Convo 2015

Keely Shannon is a student in the College of Education at Florida Gulf Coast University. She is Vice President of the Omega Epsilon chapter. 

keelyshannonI didn’t know anything about Convo when I ran for office in KDP. It was the best surprise I’ve ever had! I learned so much from all of you in Dallas and I can’t wait to meet up again in Orlando.

  1. Connecting in a Big Way: Meeting so many other KDP members in Dallas was fantastic. Convo 2013 was the perfect place to connect with other educators, share ideas, and expand our PLNs. I look forward to connecting with KDP in Orlando!
  2. Connecting as a Chapter: Omega Epsilon bonded in Dallas in ways that will strengthen our leadership and programming efforts throughout the year. I hope everyone left as motivated to keep developing your chapters as we did.
  3. Connecting with Other Chapters: The poster sessions were my favorite way to connect with other chapters. We learned from each other’s experiences, ideas, and discussion. I love that students are able to practice presenting at Convo, which will hopefully inspire them to present future workshops.
  4. Professional Development: Our chapter learned a great deal during the workshops for preservice teachers. We divided and conquered in order to bring home as much knowledge as possible to our chapter. My only disappointment was that I couldn’t attend more sessions. I’m already excited for the new teacher workshops in 2015!
  5. World Class Speakers: Charles Hopkins, the UNESCO Chair on Reorienting Teacher Education, opened our eyes to the possibilities of using education for sustainable development. Jeff Goldstein, the Director of the National Center for Earth and Space Science Education and the Arthur C. Clarke Institute for Space Education, motivated members to let learners explore. Jeff Charbonneau, the 2013 National Teacher of the Year, entertained, inspired and encouraged educators to take their teaching to new heights. I can’t wait to hear the speakers at Convo 2015!

What did you learn at Convo 2013? Why are you excited for Convo 2015?

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