Pearline is Proud to be KDP!

Pearline Allen-Sturdivant is an initiate of Zeta Tau/Lincoln and now a member of Alpha Alpha Nu/ Temple. She is currently CEO & Founder of Sturdivant & Sturdivant, LLC, which strives  to equip, empower, and motivate youth and young adults to be leaders in their homes, communities, schools, and future places of employment. 

Pearline Sturdivant smAs a young person growing up in North Philadelphia in the 1970s, I never thought in a million years that I would be inducted into both Zeta Tau Chapter at Lincoln University and Alpha Alpha Nu at Temple University.

At Lincoln, I maintained a high GPA and now, while at Temple, am doing the same. This was a tough feat, and it wasn’t expected that this would be accomplished from me. I was a teenaged parent by 17, and by 22, had two children and the responsibilities of a much older woman.

I am thankful because of the level of support from my husband. I was also grateful for the level of support from my parents at the time, who are now both deceased. My greatest support came while an undergraduate student at Temple. I remember riding the regional train after working a long overnight shift thinking just how tired I was, but I knew I had to graduate college for the sake of my children.

It is a great honor to belong to two chapters at two institutions while earning my first MEd at Lincoln and now as a graduate student at Temple. I am so grateful and thankful to Temple for giving me the chance of a lifetime!

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