Teacher Literacy Fund

Katie Heath is Northeast Regional Chapter Coordinator at Kappa Delta Pi.

katie croppedWorking at Kappa Delta Pi has given me many opportunities to reflect on my teaching experiences as an elementary classroom teacher prior to my current role.

Below are several memories that came to mind recently while reflecting on my classroom experience. All of these events are connected in some way. I challenge you to figure out this common thread as you read.

1. One of my previous schools invited an author to speak at an assembly for the entire elementary school. This author read her book to the students and shared about her career as an author.

2. A local professional sports team (players and mascot) read stories to our Kindergarten and first grade students. The kids adored the silly mascot and each received a goodie bag with a new book to enjoy at home.

3. Each fourth grade student was paired with a first grader to form Reading Buddies. The classes met regularly, allowing the students to form new friendships and mentoring relationships.

4. A wonderful group of young girls met after school each Wednesday to read books from the American Girl series. In April, the group put on short performances of their favorite scenes from the books.

5. The Librarian (along with the other “specials” teachers) hosted a pajama-themed family literacy night. There were several different stations including storytelling, visiting the book fair, creating book marks and listening to a bedtime story read by the principal.

Okay, so hopefully you realized that the common thread among these five events is an underlying theme of literacy. Beyond literacy, all of these events were held in my school by individuals who cared deeply about their students and community and sought to provide meaningful experiences to the children around them. Additionally, all of these activities are great examples of how a Literacy Alive! project could be implemented as a practicing educator.

Just over the past few years, Kappa Delta Pi has developed the Teacher Literacy Fund, in which practicing educators are eligible to receive $100 of funding towards a Literacy Alive! project. The goal of the Teacher Literacy Fund is to empower KDP educators to promote literacy within their schools and communities. When thinking of the possibilities for a Literacy Alive! event in your community, I would encourage you to think of projects that you or your school is already involved with and wish you could enhance or expand.

To learn more about the Teacher Literacy Fund and Literacy Alive! visit our website. Here you will also find other examples of Literacy Alive! projects geared toward practicing educators.

The practicing educator confirmation form is due by February 1, 2014. Proposals will be reviewed and funding will be distributed to eligible projects within three weeks of receiving the confirmation form. Contact Katie Heath with any Literacy Alive! questions. Katie@kdp.org (317) 829-1527

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