Looking for a Job in 2014?

Pat Gamble-Moore is director of membership at Kappa Delta Pi.

jobsummitWill you be looking for a job in the coming months? KDP has a free member benefit that will put you ahead of the pack!

The Job Search Summit will take place January 18–19. This series of seven webinars covers topics ranging from broadcast letters and résumé writing to e-portfolios and professionalism.

And now, an exciting benefit has been added: A free résumé review will be offered to members who meet the following criteria:

  • Be a current, paid KDP member;
  • Register and attend three LIVE Job Search Summit webinars, which must include 1) Broadcasting Live! 2) The Wow Factor! and 3) any one of the remaining webinars in the series; and
  • Commit to completing the Job Summit Survey following the overall event and at least one additional survey up to 6 months after the event.

This is a rare opportunity to have free access to these leading education career experts. Don’t miss this chance. Register for the Summit today!

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