What’s Your 2014 Goal?

Laura Stelsel is director of marketing and communications for Kappa Delta Pi.

Happy New Year 2014We’re officially a week into 2014! I’m always intoxicated by the possibilities that a new year brings. While I know resolution setting is frowned upon by many, I always make it a point to sit down and write down a set of goals for myself for the coming year and revisit them quarterly. Some of mine for 2014 include writing and mailing more personal notes “just because,” keeping my email inbox clean (I’m an email hoarder!), sitting down for breakfast every morning, and, of course, being a healthier person.

I thought I’d ask our members if they were doing the same, especially setting goals as they relate to their careers as educators. Check out some of the responses we received via Facebook and Twitter. Have you set a goal for 2014? Leave your reply in the comments!

“Starting my EdS next week…then plan for EdD!” –Jaime

“I want to inspire more students.” –Robert

“Get my Major Assessments done pronto!” –Catherine

“Starting and finishing my dissertation!” –Vane

“Complete this year on a teaching high note…and finishing my MAED in school counseling with a new position as a school counselor!” –Mary Ann

“To graduate in December with Honors.” –Marie

“…Just got my substitute teaching license this morning. Monday, apply for job!” -Richard

“Land my first position after graduation in May! –Rachel Anne

“Giving my students my absolute best so that they can soar into the next grade…summer is creeping so close!”–Bynikini

“Meeting students where they are and giving them the confidence and skills to get ahead!” –Laurie

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