Join us this weekend to get the PERFECT résumé!

Laura Stelsel is director of marketing and communications at Kappa Delta Pi.

Our Job Search Summit is coming up this weekend (Jan. 18-19), and if you’re a KDP member, you are definitely not going to want to miss it.

Aside from seven FREE webinars from leading experts on teacher hiring, interviewing, and placement, members can receive another benefit: a free résumé review from veteran KDP members who are most involved in the hiring process.

Interested? In order to be eligible for the review, members must do the following:

  • Be just that—a current, paid member;
  • Register for three webinars and attend them LIVE;
  • Of the three live webinars, 1) Broadcasting Live! and 2) The Wow Factor! must be attended along with at least one additional webinar; and
  • Commit to completing a brief survey following the event.

Those who are eligible will be emailed following the Job Search Summit on Monday, Jan.  27, with instructions on how to submit. Members will have a month to use the information they learned during the Summit to perfect and submit their résumés, and the reviewers will return them within a few weeks.

If you are interested in the webinar series but can’t attend live, never fear!* Webinar recordings will be made available in the Resource Catalog and posted to the Job Search Academy community in KDP Global. Feel free to join that community today (members only) and post questions leading up to, and following, the Summit. In fact, we will continue posting job search tips and advice in the community each month—the webinar series is just the tip of the iceberg!

How many of you have signed up to attend this weekend? Register today!

*Those who view webinar recordings but do not attend the LIVE webinars will not be eligible for the resume review.

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