Professional development at your convenience

Authors (listed below) are a part of KDP’s Chapter Services Committee. This post is a representation of their session presented at the 2013 KDP Convocation in Dallas this October. They wish to thank staff members Karen DeLawter and Chris Beaman for their help.

togo1Kappa Delta Pi is committed to providing all of its members with opportunities for professional development. Whether you are a practicing teacher, a preservice candidate, or a member just looking for an enrichment activity for your own benefit, Meetings to Go has something for you!

What are Meetings to Go?
Meetings to Go are FREE webinars and podcasts designed for virtual use at local meetings or on the members’ own timeframe. They deliver high-quality professional development sessions on a variety of educational themes and timely topics. They are:

  • Based on research,
  • Focused on real-life applications,
  • Include rigorous content,
  • Apply knowledge through high-order skills,
  • Build upon strengths,
  • Guide through the plethora of current educational standards, and
  • Offer ways to implement technology.

Because Meetings to Go webinars and podcasts have been reviewed for content, they provide accurate and current materials that include best practices for the educator at any level. Topics covered range from Common Core State Standards and various aspects of first year teaching to money management, administration, and even retirement planning. Many meetings are specifically designed for institutional chapters and pre-service teachers while others are meant for practicing teachers.

Each comes with helpful discussion questions that can be used before, during, and after watching the webinar. Appropriate paperwork is available on the KDP website, and certificates of attendance useful to continuing learning units are emailed to members. These webinars and podcasts can be used in a variety of ways.

  • Chapter meetings. Use them for recruitment or leadership training. Help members become better teachers. Access resources for institutions, professional educators, undergraduates, and practicing teachers.
  • Individual professional development. Update your knowledge on key topics or learn new methods and strategies. Learn new approaches to classroom management or how to align your lessons with the common core.
  • Program-wide improvement. At the college level, they can be used as training for a department. Professors can use them to learn how to move up in academia or to get published.
  • Professional learning community. Use them with a small group of teachers, a department, or an entire faculty to spark a lively discussion or learn about a new perspective,  strategy, or tool.

Where on the KDP website can I find Meetings to Go?
Meetings to Go are easy to access on the KDP website. You can also find instructions for downloading them and getting credit for attendance. Start watching, learning, getting credit, and getting better!

What have people said about Meetings to Go?
“Wonderful for teacher professional development!”
“A perfect complement to our education courses.”
“Provides teaching ideas and instruction practice tips for our classroom use.”
“Refreshing and innovative teaching strategies that span all content areas and employment associated with education.”

Authors: Elizabeth Elliott, Ph.D., Professor Florida Gulf Coast University; Joyce Jeewek, Ed.D., Associate Professor Benedictine University, IL; Crystal Mallett, High School Gifted and Talented Teacher; E. Kim Strauss, Chair Chapter Services Committee, NY; and Tasha C. Toy, Ph.D., Director, Berry College

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