Teaching wasn’t my calling, but I made a difference

Chris Beaman is the Assistant Director of Membership & Chapter Services for Kappa Delta Pi.  Prior to working at KDP, he served two officer terms, both secretary and president, on the executive committee of the Gamma Nu Chapter at Butler University.

Opportunities to positively impact the lives of others do not come on a regular basis.  That is unless you are a teacher.

We all have moments throughout life that we attempt to validate what we do based on the impact that we are able to make and influence we may have.  The first moment I had like this came when I was considering where I wanted to go to college, what I wanted to study, and so on.   I loved working with children, I had a passion for Mathematics at the junior and senior high school level, and I felt rewarded by helping struggling students and peers understand difficult concepts.

My education at Butler University—including my involvement with the Gamma Nu Chapter—provided me with the tools and resources to be an effective teacher leader.  It also instilled in me the belief that I should do work to, as they say, “prepare students for schools as they should be, not simply perpetuating schools as they currently exist.”  However, my time there led me to the decision that my true calling was not classroom teaching, and that was not an easy realization to digest.

So, how do I stay connected and involved in hopes to make a difference and touch a life?

I volunteer and work with the school-age programs at East Tenth United Methodist Children and Youth Center located on the east side of Indianapolis.  A second home for many children, the mission of East Tenth is to provide a safe place and meet the needs of children, youth, and their families in a holistic approach.

On Friday, January 10, after the winter storms through which Indianapolis suffered, our local school districts and buildings were still closed, but the Center needed to be open to care for and support the children and families they service.  I was fortunate enough to be able to take some time away from the office and spend some time with their students.

I was reminded…

…of why I continue to work to support teachers with my colleagues at Kappa Delta Pi, of the balance teachers need in providing both discipline and compassion, of the talent, skills, and disposition an individual needs to have in order to earn the honor of teaching our children, and of how I am impressed with the work that you dedicate yourselves to every single day.

Whether you are a licensed classroom teacher, one who provides instruction to those seeking licensure, a school counselor, a before- and after-school worker, a Pre-K teacher, a school administrator, etc., or a volunteer who takes time out of your day to positively impact students, you join us here at Headquarters in striving to do our part in creating a better future.

While teaching may not have been our calling in life, we all look forward to stepping into our roles at Headquarters each day to stand behind you and support you in every way we know how.

Thank you for choosing to mold the lives and minds of our next generation.  You are my heroes, and I hope you know that you have our most sincere appreciation.

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