“Talk back, push back, and think about what we do well”

Faye Snodgress is executive director of Kappa Delta Pi.

As part of KDP’s partnership with the Association of Teacher Educators (ATE), I enjoyed representing KDP at ATE’s recent conference in St. Louis. In addition to my hosting a KDP booth, President Mary Clement presented a workshop on employment in education and participated in a public policy panel discussion. KDP Laureate Dr. Marilyn Cochran-Smith was the opening keynote speaker.

“Talk back, push back, and think about what we do well” was part of Dr. Marilyn Cochran-Smith’s call to action to counter misaligned education reform efforts. Her presentation titled Ed Reform’s Alphabet Soup: Acronyms We Live by in Teacher Education, focused on some of the groups, initiatives, and programs that are defining boundaries for what is done in teacher education. She challenged the audience of teacher educators to do their part in both speaking out against current harmful initiatives and to be part of the work to develop and implement positive solutions, such as supporting anti-poverty efforts, educating teacher candidates that teaching is a political activity, and understanding that teacher professionalism is reform.

The many public policy workshops and speakers at the conference is further evidence of need for all educators to be informed about public policy issues related to education. To learn about KDP’s advocacy efforts and public policy white papers, go to the public policy page on the KDP website.

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