Why $19.11?

Laura Stelsel is director of marketing and communications for Kappa Delta Pi.

window cling

Donate $19.11 and receive this window cling.

Are you a KDP donor? If not, this is the perfect month to start. We’re celebrating Founders Day (March 8, 1911) all month long, and you can join us by donating $19.11 to support KDP educators. If you make a one-time donation of $19.11, you’ll get a special thank you in the mail: a KDP window cling.

At headquarters, I’m proud to say that nearly every staff member contributes annually. Why? Because we see and hear directly how important these funds are to the members who receive them. Members like Autumn Proctor, recipient of the Harold D. Drummond Scholarship and KDP/ATE National Student Teacher of the Year:

“Kappa Delta Pi and my work with the organization is what made me stand out from 100 other applicants. Kappa Delta Pi is what helped me to believe in myself and helped me to put my best foot forward. The recent scholarship will help me to create the best learning environment for my new students and to help pay off student loans. Thank you Kappa Delta Pi for helping me become a professional educator and for making my dreams become a reality.”

You can read other recipient testimonials on the KDP website.

Your KDP funds support:

There is no donation too small—begin your contribution and get your special window cling today. Support the mission, show your KDP pride!

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