These leaders are making a difference. How will you?

Dr. Elizabeth Wilkins is KDP president-elect and professor at Northern Illinois University. Dr. Elizabeth Wilkins

On behalf of Kappa Delta Pi, I would like to welcome our new 2014-2016 Executive Council:

  • Dr. Peggy Moch, President-Elect
  • Dr. Susannah Brown, Vice-President
  • Dr. Denisha Jones, Vice-President
  • Dr. Vicky Tusken, Professional Representative
  • Dr. Erin Brumbaugh, Member-at-Large
  • Ryan Stivers, Student Representative
  • Dr. Carl Grant, Laureate Representative

Thank you for taking the time to vote for and elect this talented group of individuals who will move KDP forward during the next two years. Using their gifted leadership abilities, creative thinking, and listening skills, they will identify new ways Kadelpians can make a difference in the lives of those around us. I look forward to working with the Council knowing they are proven “difference makers.” Each of us, not just the Council, has the ability to make a difference as professional educators, students, parents, administrators, policy makers, etc.  We, as an organization, are making a difference through:

So, how will you make a difference over the next biennium? By staying actively involved, how will you benefit from KDP’s ongoing professional development to be a difference maker in the lives of others? Please share an example of how you are currently making a difference and/or an idea for the Executive Council to consider as they plan for the future!

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