Share How YOU Are Changing the World!

Faye Snodgress is executive director of Kappa Delta Pi.

Kappa Delta Pi has an ongoing commitment to advance the integration of education for sustainable development (ESD), a principle that helps people develop attitudes, skills, and knowledge to solve environmental, societal, and economic issues as they relate to sustainability.

We recently sent out a call to action, encouraging members to incorporate one activity, project, or lesson related to sustainability and share their implementation of this, or any other sustainability effort, with us.

Mary Ann Hodges, a middle school teacher in North Carolina, shared what her class is doing within their local community:

ESDThe students at Manteo Middle school in North Carolina have been taking advantage of the many resources in our area. My eighth grade class went to the Coastal Studies Institute to explore our existing community and then drafted a vision for this community if we were to start over. The experience brought to light many issues that they never really considered before, and the results were amazing.  We’ve also worked with the North Carolina Coastal Federation to plant and maintain a rain garden as well as look at what is going in our landfill and ways to decrease what ends up there.  

Other members are working to advance ESD on an international level.  Dr. Donald May of Daytona State College of Education shared information about their Teaching Beyond Borders (TBB) initiative, which provides professional development for educators in Haiti, the majority of whom have had no formal training as educators, and to promote literacy. Dr. May said:

The foundational belief of the program is that education is the most powerful force we can use to change our world. Teachers in Haiti face enormous challenges. Out of approximately 60,000 teachers in Haiti, 84 percent are not qualified. Teachers also lack training opportunities, materials, and access to technology, as well as adequate remuneration. TBB’s aim is to collaborate to better meet the needs of the Haitian students, to model good teaching, and to inspire, support, and value the work of our teacher colleagues.

And now, we want to know what YOU are doing to inspire sustainability education and change in your classroom and community. Please send projects, ideas, and photos to me at Our hope is to compile and share these ideas with the KDP community in an effort to amplify our efforts. As Mary Ann put it, “My message to follow educators is to look within your community, bring in other professionals, branch out beyond your classroom, and look at ways to incorporate the ideas within your school with the hope that it carries over into the homes and then the community.”

Need ideas or resources? Head to the Kappa Delta Pi website.

I can’t wait to learn more about your sustainability efforts. Together we can make the world a better place for all forever.

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