Teaching: A Family Tradition

Faye Snodgress is executive director of Kappa Delta Pi.

marissa and fayeLike many other professions, teaching tends to run in families.  My grandmother taught high school music and piano. My mother had intentions of becoming an educator until a sage professor suggested that her talents would best be used in a different profession. He was correct, but she still ended up connected to education. She retired from a large public school system where, as a dietitian, she oversaw its food services program.  So when my daughter, Marissa, decided to join me in the field of education, I was naturally both excited and proud.

Growing up, Marissa was very fond of children and one of the most sought after babysitters in town, so I quickly recognized her ability to relate to and engage with young people. She has now taught in middle school for eight years and pursued an advanced degree in education technology. With the many advances in technology and its integration into the classroom, I frequently find myself asking her for assistance and suggestions. She has shown herself to be a teacher who readily embraces the diversity that each child brings to her classroom and strives to ensure that each one reaches his or her full unique potential.

While it is rewarding for a parent to see their children become adults who thrive in the career of their choice, it is particularly special to have a one who had the same calling and passion for education. As a result, I not only have a daughter that I adore, but I also have a treasured colleague. Now I will have to wait to see if my granddaughter continues the tradition in one of the best professions and becomes a teacher.  I have my fingers crossed.


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