Meet Graycie, a KDP Legend

Laura Stelsel is director of marketing & communications at Kappa Delta Pi.

Graycie CameronAs a staffer here at KDP, one of the best parts of my job is hearing the incredible stories that come from our members across the globe. One such member story came to us a few weeks ago. We thought it would warm your heart to hear about Graycie Cameron.

Graycie became a member as a collegian at Upsilon Chapter at the University of Florida back around 1940. Yes, you read that year correctly. That makes Graycie 100 years old, and while we don’t have a record to prove it, we believe her to be Kappa Delta Pi’s eldest member.

I had the privilege of speaking with Graycie last week via phone from her home in Florida where she is a member of the Tampa Bay Professional Chapter.

Back when she was invited into the Society those many years ago, she was a practicing educator who was completing her education during the summers (click below for an audio clip from her!). She was invited into the Society shortly before her graduation and left Gainesville soon thereafter. It was fate that brought KDP back into her life.


“When I came home, there was no chapter or activity here for quite a while,” she said. “Then I saw something in the paper about chapter members getting together, so I contacted the woman in Miami about getting involved, and that’s when I joined the alumni chapter.”

And she’s been an active member ever since. From attending a Convocation in Orlando to a trip to Russia with fellow KDP members, she’s done it all. At 100 years of age, she is still an extremely active member of the Society. She attends meetings regularly with her fellow chapter members and lifelong friends Marie Grein, Marjorie Anderson, Earl Hall, and Carolyn Seeley.

When asked why she has remained engaged with KDP throughout her life, she said, “I have found the purpose and ideals of KDP helpful to try to live by.”

Graycie is indeed a model member and a KDP legend. We are so honored to count her among our members!

Now, we want to hear from you. Who are the Kadelpians that you look up to in your life?

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