Help! I Don’t Have a Teaching Position Yet!

Sally Rushmore edits the New Teacher Advocate. She formerly taught secondary science and computer applications at a community college.

Is that the way you are feeling? You are not alone!

Did you know that most school districts hire the majority of their new teachers the last two weeks of July? Current teachers normally have until two weeks before the new school year begins to decide if they are returning or not (quitting teaching, retiring, taking another position). That opens a lot of positions within two weeks of the start of school. The other factor is that most districts do not have a handle on their enrollment by grade level and building until mid-July, so there is no way to know if they need two third grade teachers or three for XYZ Elementary or if they’ll need another English teacher at the high school.

There are some very important things you can be doing to be in the right place at the right time to be hired for these last minute positions. Dr. Renee Aitken, Dr. Melanie Shaw, and Dr. Karen Ferguson will be giving a webinar on Thursday, July 10, from 8−9:15 p.m. (EDT) to help you procure a teaching position in a PreK−12 setting—and what to do if you don’t get that position this August.  They will be covering:

  • Your résumé:  Crafting it for a specific position, checking it for errors, putting your best foot forward
  • Getting your foot in the door:  What to do after you apply
  • The interview process:  questions to ask, questions to avoid, how to present yourself
  • Other opportunities:  what do to if you don’t get into the classroom this August
  • Pursuing a teaching position through the year

They will also be hosting an asynchronous (ongoing) online chat in the Job Search Academy in KDP Global for the week following the webinar. Log in and ask your questions! There will also be personal résumé reviews available after the webinar for those who attend the webinar.

Register for the webinar even if you cannot attend live. You will receive a link to watch it any time for 30 days after the webinar.

1 Aitken

2 Ferguson3 Shaw




Dr. Aitken
has been working with teacher candidates for 14 years. She has held fulltime university positions working with teacher preparation education as an instructor, an NCATE committee member and the TEAC/CAEP Chair for Northcentral University.

Dr. Ferguson is the Assistant Dean of the School of Education at Northcentral University. She has experience in human resources, online training, and instructional design.

Dr. Shaw has over fifteen years of educational experience ranging from classroom and graduate level teaching to counseling and administration. She holds teaching certificates in online teaching, elementary education, and guidance counseling.

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