You Asked and We are Delivering: More Resources for Teachers

Sally Rushmore edits the New Teacher Advocate. She formerly taught secondary science and computer applications at a community college.

Fall 2014 NTAYou may remember filling out a survey for Kappa Delta Pi last winter. If you filled it out, we thank you! The results showed that our members want a BIGGER New Teacher Advocate magazine for preservice and new teachers. It also showed that all of our members, whether preservice or currently in the classroom, want and need more strategies and tips for helping English language learners. Guess what!

  • The Fall 2014 issue of the New Teacher Advocate (NTA) is 25% bigger to give more tips, more strategies, and more resources.
  • The Fall 2014 NTA is an English Language Learners (ELL) issue. Yes, every article is specific to helping you if you have ELLs in your classroom.
  • The Fall 2014 NTA also has online extras—8 more articles you can read and print to help you with ELLs.
  • The Fall 2014 NTA is applicable to every student in your classroom—ELL or not—elementary, middle school, or high school. You will find strategies and tips you can use to help students and build relationships with them and their families.

We thought you might enjoy seeing how that process of creating a New Teacher Advocate works, so we made a video for you to enjoy.

  • Access the 2014 Fall NTA online
  • Get online extras on the KDP website
  • Learn strategies for writing, language arts, using newspapers, content vocabulary, and reading
  • Help students transition culturally
  • Get your students’ families involved
  • Try tips from other teachers
  • Use technology to help everyone succeed

Everyone can subscribe to the New Teacher Advocate. Get four print issues a year plus digital access to all the content, including live links and printable articles, at or by calling 800-284-3167. Choose a 2-year subscription for the best value. Remember, only first year undergraduate members get the NTA as part of their membership; all other members get the KDP Record.

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