Join Us in Taipei!

Wendy Wang is a faculty member at the University of Taipei and the counselor of Kappa Delta Pi’s Taiwan Chapter.

KDP Taiwan Chapter membersKappa Delta Pi’s Taiwan Chapter is working with the University of Taipei to host the Fifth Pacific-Rim Conference on Education (PRiCE) at the University of Taipei in Taiwan, November 4-5, and you’re invited! In fact, KDP members are able to attend at a steep discount—just $50.

The conference has successfully gathered hundreds of scholars and educators to deliver their research and experience regarding education-related issues, achievements, developments, trends, and solutions. This year’s theme is Educational Innovation. Participants from 11 countries, including Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, America, Korea, Japan, Thailand, England, Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia, will be in attendance.

Also in attendance will be KDP President Dr. Beth Wilkins and 16 members from the KDP Taiwan Chapter. In fact, we’re happy to announce that PRiCE has attracted many people to join the Taiwan Chapter.

Apart from oral and poster presentation sessions, there will be three keynote addresses, one symposium, and a final discussion. Invited keynote speakers include Dr. Tim T. Y. Ting, Deputy Mayor, Taipei City Government; Dr. Toshiyuki Hosokawa, Professor, Hokkaido University, Japan; and Dr. Guangju Chen, Vice-President, Beijing Normal University, China.

The main focus areas of the conference are:

  • Innovations in Different Levels of Education
  • Students’ Learning Outcomes and Assessment
  • Internationalization of Higher Education
  • Cloud-Based Instructional Technology
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Special Education and Inclusion
  • Teacher Education and Professional Development

We would love to see you there. For more information, head to the PRiCE website. And, if you’re interested in joining us in Taipei, contact me!

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