Pay Tribute to an Educator Who Has Made a Difference

Kristen Jackson is Director of Advancement and Foundation at Kappa Delta Pi.

Teachers mean everything to me. These often-forgotten heroes give selflessly for the greater good of society and for a brighter future. Ask anyone about a teacher who inspired them, and that person will have a story to tell. Stories about our heroes are universal, connecting us to others throughout the world.

Nearly every educator I know—not just at the schools I attended—as well as literally all those with the heart to teach, are among the most incredible public servants, mentors, and extra caregivers to the children of their community. I have chosen to honor the teachers who influenced me with a tribute gift to Kappa Delta Pi; and I also honor you, our member educators, for serving as the heart and mind of our communities.

I encourage you to join KDP in saying thank-you to the individuals you owe a debt of gratitude for helping shape you into the person you are today with a tribute or memorial gift of $10 or more in their honor. Those recognized with a tribute gift will receive an acknowledgment card, while those recognized with a memorial gift will be acknowledged with a card sent to the surviving family member. Both honors will be listed in the annual Roll of Honor in the Kappa Delta Pi Record. Additional recognition for memorial gifts will occur at the KDP Biennial Convocation. It’s easy to honor someone who has influenced your life. Donate online now, and KDP will prepare your tribute right away.

Teachers are remarkable individuals, selflessly giving of their time and knowledge to ensure student success. You are one of these amazing teachers, and we thank you for your dedication.

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