Meet KDP’s New Managing Editor!

Emily Zoss is the managing editor of The Educational Forum, published by Kappa Delta Pi.

EmilyKappa Delta Pi members know that a significant part of our mission is to connect educators with resources that foster excellence in the profession. The Educational Forum, our cornerstone scholarly journal, is one of those exceptional resources, and I’m proud to be a part of the team that brings it to you.

I’m the newest addition here at KDP’s offices in Indianapolis, having just started a few weeks ago as the managing editor of The Forum. I’ve worked in various publishing roles; most recently, I was the editor and publications manager at an art museum. Before that, though, I studied drama and spent several years working in technical theater—including as a middle and high school stagecraft elective teacher at an international school in Cairo, Egypt.

With that background, it’s probably no surprise that I’m especially excited about the latest issue of The Forum, which is all about the profound impact arts and aesthetic education can have on learning. In this issue, you’ll read about teachers exploring the integration of arts with language arts, history, and science, as well as the important lessons the arts teach that extend beyond curricular subjects. As Linda Nathan writes, “The arts provide avenues to both pose and solve problems creatively. Creativity counts. Judgment counts. And good judgment has to be taught.”

It’s a rich and thought-provoking collection of articles. Visit The Forum’s web page to see the full lineup and download several free selections from the issue, and let us know what you think.

KDP members can subscribe to The Forum at a steep discount: only $25 per year, or $45 for two years. Call KDP at 1-800-284-3167 for more details.

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