We Challenged You! How Did You Respond?

Laura Stelsel is director of marketing & communications at Kappa Delta Pi.

#NiceBucketYou might remember about two months ago, we began a project to make a difference in the lives of others every day. This Nice Bucket Challenge, which sprang from a response to the popular Ice Bucket Challenge, was a test for our staff, and boy, they have stepped up.

Today, October 25, is Make A Difference Day. USA WEEKEND Magazine, established this day to “recognize the everyday people whose contributions improve communities and better lives.”

We thought it was the perfect occasion to catch you up on how KDP staffers have been making a difference—in small ways each day—in the lives of others since August.

So far, our staff members have completed 70 acts of kindness, like:

  • Ambre and Zumba instructorBrought snacks to an after school tutoring program,
  • Signed up to volunteer with the United Way, an organization with which one of our staffers had always meant to get involved,
  • Gotten involved with More Love Letters and Love for the Elderly,
  • Paid it forward at Starbucks,
  • Made one positive change in their own lives (see Ambre’s picture with her new Zumba instructor!),
  • Donated school supplies to an organization that needed them,
  • And so much more.

I think if you’d ask any of our staff members, these simple acts took little time and effort on their part and made them, and those on the receiving end of their acts, feel absolutely fantastic.

And, if you remember from the post back in August, we challenged YOU to the Nice Bucket Challenge, too. So, what have you done, or are you going to do, to make a difference today? Share your ideas with us!

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