Meet James Newman!

Check out this month’s Member Spotlight, James Newman! James has been a KDP member since 2013. Connect with him KDP Global.

James Newman flipWhat do you value most about your KDP membership?
The chance to meet other members is what I value most about my membership in Kappa Delta Pi. I have found my colleagues in the organization to be energetic, creative and enthusiastic about sharing what they have learned about teaching.

What is your most used KDP member benefit?
I use the KDP webinars most among the benefits offered by KDP. They are extremely useful, relating directly to what I am trying to do in the classroom. The webinars are well-organized so that they allow for interaction with the presenter. And the archives are a great way to catch up with webinars that I didn’t have time to attend.

Why do you use KDP Global?
I use KDP Global to access all the benefits of being a KDP member.

What do you love about being an educator?
I love being connected to the knowledge of the world and to the community of learners. Teaching links me to a caring family of life-long learners (teachers) and exploring learners (students).

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