Chapter Hosts Documentary Screening

Angela Fazio is co-president of Kappa Eta Chapter at St. John’s University.

TEACH ViewingWe recently held a viewing of the TEACH documentary and invited all NYC Chapters as a way to collaborate with other chapters and inspire dialogue that goes far beyond the classroom.

Cindy Amuzie, who is the Historian of Kappa Eta Chapter had these words to say after the event: “This documentary does a great job depicting the experiences a teacher has to go through. This experience is all trial and error until a breakthrough is found, until all students are reached, or until your students find themselves in what they are learning. I am so happy we screened this documentary!”

We reviewed the event on our university website, which highlights the panel of members who discussed the documentary, as well as the realistic nature of the film and the adversities teachers must overcome with their students.

Due to the success of our event, and feedback from our student body, we plan on hosting a screening of the TEACH documentary at the beginning of every year!

Kappa Delta Pi has partnered with Participant Media to make the TEACH documentary available to our chapters. If you’re interested in receiving a DVD, email

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