Kappa Delta Pi’s Work is Not Done

Laura Stelsel is director of marketing & communications at Kappa Delta Pi.

Dr. Frank Marsh

Dr. Frank Marsh

Last week, I called up one of KDP’s longest-standing members, Dr. Frank Marsh, to talk about his work with the Society. Dr. Marsh is a Lifetime member; he initiated in 1949 at the University of New Hampshire.

He’s served as president of the Society, organized two Convocations, edited The KDP Record, and helped found the Kappa Delta Pi Foundation, which is now our department of advancement.

I spoke to Dr. Marsh for an hour, but among the most important messages I received from him was his feeling of responsibility in giving back to KDP. In fact, he said that no matter how much he’s given to KDP, he’s received that much back and more. His desire to pay it forward to future educators is commendable. Check out this short clip from our conversation on why he financially supports the Society.

During the month of March, we celebrate Founders Day (March 8, 1911) and our founders all month long with $19.11 contributions to the Founders Fund.

At headquarters, I’m proud to say that nearly every staff member contributes annually. Why? Because, like Dr. Marsh, we see and hear directly how important these funds are to the members who receive them—members with the new ideas to which he referred.

Won’t you join us? No donation is too small. Support KDP’s mission with a donation to the Founders Fund today!

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