Congratulations to 8 New Teacher Leaders for People to People

Sarah Zike is the Director of Membership and Chapter Services for Kappa Delta Pi and the Liaison to People to People.
In the summer of 2015, students from 140 countries will have the opportunity to connect with and learn from other high achieving students from all over the world through People to People Leadership Summits and World Leadership Forums. The students—called Leadership Ambassadors—are chosen from teacher recommendations and applications that reveal a high level of scholastic achievement, demonstrated leadership attributes, and exemplary citizenship.


People to People Students at the UN

People to People Students at the UN

These students will also learn from eight accomplished members of KDP who were awarded scholarships on March 9th to travel to epicenters of intellectual and cultural activity in Washington D.C., New York, Philadelphia, and at top institutions such as Harvard, George Washington University, and U.C.L.A. to facilitate these leadership programs. The program facilitators—called Teacher Leaders—will be in a unique position to teach culturally diverse groups of students in grades 6−12. The scholarship recipients are:
Tara Cosco, Doctoral Candidate and Faculty Counselor at Glenville State College, West Virginia, Kappa Omicron Chapter
Clark Davis, Graduate student at Niagara University, New York, Alpha Alpha Beta Chapter
Ryan Estrada, High school mathematics teacher in Houston, Texas
Andrea Hauser, Undergraduate student at University of Wisconsin Whitewater
Edmye Hernandez, 7th and 12th grade English Language Arts instructor in New York
Alison Moore, Undergraduate student at Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania, Tau Iota Chapter
Andrea Nicolia, Graduate student at Niagara University, New York, Alpha Alpha Beta Chapter
Ciara O’Meara, Graduate student at University of Georgia, Beta Kappa Chapter

Leadership Ambassadors will be encouraged through the programs to continue to do great work in their schools and begin to do so in their communities and around the world. They will refine their leadership traits and build new levels of confidence through the experience. Additionally, the programs will move the participants closer to an understanding of what they want to do with their lives, and it will arm them with practical approaches to accomplishing these goals.

Working with such high caliber students from such diverse backgrounds will be a perfect fit for members of KDP, who join the society for all the same reasons students participate in People to People Leadership Programs. KDP members, like the Leadership Ambassadors, are recommended or invited to join or vetted through application on the basis of their leadership attributes, their scholastic achievement, and a commitment to global citizenship. The parallel traits of the KDP (now People to People) Teacher Leaders and the Leadership Ambassadors will provide a compelling learning opportunity for all involved!

Congratulations People to People Teacher Leaders, Tara, Clark, Ryan, Andrea, Edmye, Alison, Andrea, and Ciara! We look forward to hearing your stories and learning about your experiences!

ALL OTHER KDP MEMBERS: Be watching for new opportunities from People to People! Our partnership has just begun!

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