Gamma Chapter turns 100!

Thomas Ulmet is the Regional Chapter Coordinator for the Midwest at Kappa Delta Pi Headquarters.

Did you know that today is a very special day in the Kappa Delta Pi’s history? On April 23, 1915 the Gamma Chapter was installed at the University of Oklahoma. Gamma Chapter has the distinction of being the oldest active chapter of Kappa Delta Pi.

100 yearsIn 1915 students at the University of Oklahoma organized a club for education students called the Claxton Club and very quickly affiliated the club with the very young Honor Society in Education, becoming the third official chapter. The club, which admitted both male and female faculty, graduate students, juniors and seniors, choose to affiliate with KDP because of the shared mission — not least of which was the inclusiveness of the Society, which did not discriminate on the basis of gender. Nine men and nine women were initiated in the Gamma Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi on April 23, 1915.

Posted here is a brief history of the chapter, written by Gamma Chapter Counselor F.A. Balyeat on January 1, 1930.

Gamma Chapter History

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