First Day of Summer 2015

Sally Rushmore taught science and math in grades 7-12 and computer applications in a community college. She currently is the Managing Editor for the New Teacher Advocate.

2 chaises and umbrella

“Teachers’ workday ends at 3 and they have all summer off.”

Have you ever heard people say this? What do teachers do in the summer? Some have to work another job, but most spend time relaxing and de-stressing, reconnecting with their own children and families, and preparing for the next school year. Here are some blogs with some good ideas for your summer. Enjoy!

What Teachers Really Do Over Summer Break by Outside the Box Teaching Ideas

This teacher asked her students to write about what teachers do over the summer break. Then she commented on what they wrote. It is both funny and poignant.

The Myth of Having Summers Off by Heather Wolpert-Gawron on Edutopia

This is a great list for recharging and de-stressing. Try just one of these ideas and you’ll feel refreshed.

The Teachers Guide to Summer Break: Tips for Fun, Relaxation, & Professional Development on Reading Horizons

Whether you want to relax, reconnect with friends and family, reflect on your teaching, or recharge with new ideas for the new year, this blog has good ideas.

Are you a new graduate? Do you need to make money this summer? How about some of these ideas?

25 Satisfying Summer Jobs for Teachers on the Rasmussen College website

10 Ways to Make Extra Summer Income for Educators by Jill Hare on Teaching Community

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