Does KDP Have Award-Winning Publications? You Bet!

Kathie-Jo Arnoff is Director of Publications at Kappa Delta Pi and Managing Editor of the KDP Record.

Your time is valuable, so you want to be sure you’re spending your professional reading time on resources that can really inform and help you in your career. In case you were wondering just how much you can depend on KDP publications, you can rest assured that they deliver on their promise. Not that we needed validation that KDP’s three quarterly publications deliver what’s most important to keep you up-to-date with the latest strategies and practices, hot topics, and research, but we got reminded anyway.

KDP snagged not one, not two, but three awards for outstanding publications during the past 4 months. That’s something to celebrate! But what we celebrated for a moment (or maybe a bit longer) at KDP Headquarters was not representative of our true accomplishment. KDP publications, like KDP and its members, are committed to excellence. Everyone who writes, reviews, manages, edits, proofs, etc., wants to make sure that those working in the field of education continually strive to improve so that every learner can have a quality education. We are all partners in this process.

So here’s the lineup of KDP’s latest recognitions for publications:

2015 REVERE Logos

REVERE (Recognizing Valuable Educational Resources) Awards from the Association of American Publishers: The Kappa Delta Pi Record received this award earlier this month for the “Telling Stories” department of the journal, which was designed to share universal lessons through personal narratives.

APEX 2015_winner logoAPEX Awards for Publication Excellence from Communications Concepts: The New Teacher Advocate received this award this month in the Magazines, Journals, and Tabloids category.

ASSN TRENDS bronze-2014Association TRENDS All-Media Contest: Not to be left out, The Educational Forum received the bronze medal in the Scholarly/Technical/Scientific Journal category this past February.

So take a moment to celebrate what we’ve accomplished, together, while realizing what made it possible for us to get there. KDP publications are produced for you with the help of many contributors. If you’re not already taking advantage of all these resources we have to offer you, check out how your KDP membership works to bring you publications at a greatly discounted cost.

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