Winners Announced! Grad Student Stipends and Scholarships

Yesterday the graduate students who will be receiving stipends to attend Convo 2015 were announced. They are:

  • Whittney Allen
  • Stephanie Coggins
  • Alexandrea Hodge-Ratliff 
  • Daria Pizzuto

And now we are announcing scholarship winners for the 2015-2016 school year:

  • Amy A. Cain, Hollis L. Caswell Laureate Scholarship
  • Deepti Kharod, O. L. Davis, Jr. Laureate Doctoral Scholarship
  • Erin Horan, Barbara Day Laureate Scholarship
  • Deanne M. Bradley, Kayla Breanne Rose, Sherrie Nicole Wagner, and Amber West, Harold D. Drummond Scholarships
  • Clarissa M. Corkins, Stephen J. Fortgang/University of Northern Iowa Chapter Scholarship
  • Alexandria Lillian Timoll, Marie Grein Scholarship
  • Elena M. Venegas, Paul. R. Hanna Laureate Scholarship
  • Natalie Marie Khoury Ridgewell, C. Glen Hass Laureate Scholarship
  • Marian Jackson-Scott, Henry H. Hill Laureate Scholarship
  • Haley Rebecca Shurack and Ashley Marie Wolfe, Sandra Jo Hornick Scholarships
  • Jack Vencent Chesebro III and Daxus Nolan Nesossi, J. Jay Hostetler Scholarships
  • Tasha Ann Allen, Huntington Bank Scholarship
  • Nicole Catherine Berardinelli and Benevieve Theriot, Dr. Eva Kleinpeter Scholarships
  • Ryann N. Shelton, Marcella L. Kysilka Doctoral Student Scholarship
  • Olivia Stott, J. Everett and Louise Light Scholarship
  • Erin M. Faeth, MBNA Scholarship
  • Elizabeth Hinchley and Hollie Tavares, Marsh Writing/Research Scholarship Awards honoring Martha S. Marsh, Virginia Horns-Marsh, and Frank F. Marsh
  • April Julia Bullock, Linda and Vincent McGrath Scholarship
  • Caitlin Hensley, Nicholas H. Noyes, Jr. Scholarship
  • Anna Barrett, Louisa Anne Oriente Scholarship
  • Sade Ardnesa Sims, Presidents Scholarship
  • Christopher J. Cormier, Gerald H. Read Laureate Scholarship
  • Anna Bethea, Jerry Robbins Scholarship
  • Ashley Nicole Dentler, Dr. Janette K. and James Rogers Scholarship
  • Maggie Gallardo, Jack Rosen Scholarship
  • Kaila Marie Tuccio, Donna Gail Shaw Scholarship for Chapter Service
  • Saler L. Axel, Ralph W. Tyler Laureate Doctoral Scholarship
  • Racheal M. Rothrock, Deborah Partridge Wolfe Laureate Scholarship

A recipient was not selected for the William B. Martin East Carolina University Scholarship due to applicant merit or lack of proposal submissions.

To learn how you can apply for a scholarship for the 2016-2017 school year, visit our scholarship web page.

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