Thanks to the Job Search Academy I Have a Job

The Job Search Academy gave me solid advice and support during my job search. The job search webinars (click on the library) were extremely helpful. In one webinar, the presenter stressed the importance of:

  • having the right information on the top portion of your resume,
  • how you should practice, practice, practice interviewing, and
  • having prepared answers to expected questions.

When I went to a group interview with human resources, all candidates were informed that teachers employed in the district had first choice of placement if they wanted to transfer to another school.That scared me.

I am extremely happy to report that at the second school where I interviewed, I was offered a position!

My advice to anyone searching for a job:
1. Follow the school district’s policy for employment (for example, elementary teacher candidates could not contact principals directly, until clearance from the district).
2. Attend all employment events (the school district had a seminar on interviewing).
3. Do not arrive at teacher recruitment fairs on time: ARRIVE EARLY!
4. Have your resumes ready and one page only. There are so many teacher candidates standing in line waiting to speak to a recruiter that recruiters do not have time to read more than one page. I attended 3 teacher recruitment fairs and watched recruiters place resumes in two separate areas – do call back and don’t call back.
5. Take your resume, teacher certification, and three reference letters all printed out to your interviews. The principals did take the time to read my references and many questions were referred back to my reference letters.
6. Recruiters and principals had one question that was always asked: “What will I see in your classroom the first week of school?”
7. Classroom management questions were asked in a variety of questions.

Ms. Tracey Wright picture KDPI’m Tracey Wright and I’m excited to be a first-year teacher!

If you want a job, take advantage of the Job Search Academy on KDP Global!

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