Meet Kathryn Starke!

Check out this month’s Member Spotlight, Kathryn Starke! Kathryn has been a member of KDP since 2015 and is an urban literacy specialist. She is also hosting the August 4 KDP webinar The Power of Quality Urban Education: Best Practices and Classroom Management. Register for the webinar today, and connect with her in KDP Global.

KathrynWhat do you value most about your KDP membership?
I was so honored to get inducted to KDP in college since my passion has always been in education. I believe this is a network of quality professionals dedicated to education.

What is your most used KDP member benefit?
So far it’s the communication in the communities on KDP Global and the publications.

Why do you use KDP Global?
I love connecting with fellow teachers and educational leaders nationwide to learn more and share what I have learned in teaching along the way.

What do you love about being an educator?
I am dedicated to quality literacy instruction for all children, so I love working with elementary school kids and teachers to help children learn to read, a lifelong skill.

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