$9 for Nigeria

The new school year is already beginning for some of us and for others, the start is just a few weeks away. It is a time for arranging new supplies, making sure the classroom is tidy and clean, and thinking about fun activities to welcome students back. Now try to imagine starting out the year without supplies, leading a class of 50–60 students, teaching in a dilapidated classroom with sparse furnishings, and the possibility of working several months without receiving a paycheck. Unfortunately, this is the reality for most educators in Nigeria. To learn more about the challenges facing educators in Nigeria, click here.

9 for NigeriaIt can be overwhelming to consider the many obstacles in providing a quality education for all Nigerian students. Yet, as a community of committed global educators, we have an opportunity to positively impact hundreds of lives. Indeed, KDP has a rich legacy of making a difference in the lives of its members and their students.

As part of the celebration of KDP’s 50th Biennial Convocation, we are raising funds for our members in Nigeria, eight of whom will be joining us in Orlando. They have identified the neediest schools in the country and, within those schools, the most urgently needed supplies and equipment. Every dollar received will directly support the needs of educators and students in Nigeria.

9 for Nigeria thank youI hope you will join me in giving $9 for Nigeria! Give online to the KDP Nigerian Fund. Or donate by mailing a check to Kappa Delta Pi Headquarters, 3707 Woodview Trace, Indianapolis, IN 46268. Visit our 9 for Nigeria campaign page for more information.

“With every sense of humility and profound gratitude, I lack the words to show appreciation for KDP’s efforts to make impact in Nigeria and to touch so many lives. Thanks so very much.“  Natasiobi Igu, Nigerian KDP member

Faye Snodgress is EFaye_S_7-1-14xecutive Director of Kappa Delta Pi.

One thought on “$9 for Nigeria

  1. Uche Grace Emetarom says:

    On behalf of KDP Nigeria chapter, I wish to sincerely thank the KDP Council members, the Executive Director of KDP, Faye Snodgress and all who worked, volunteered and made donations towards this project. We are profoundly grateful to have been assisted financially in improving the situation of our schools, teachers and students/pupils in Nigeria. Our schools are already benefiting from the proceeds of this project and they remain appreciative of this caring gesture to you all.

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