Four Ways #KDPconvo15 Helped Us Become Better Educators

…and left us wanting more.FullSizeRender

Coming into the Convocation, we had no idea what to expect. In the end, though, we were very pleased to have spent 3 days listening to inspirational speakers, going to motivational workshops, and networking with KDP members from across the globe. Below are our highlights.

  1. D7K_6105Inspirational speakers: Over the course of Convo 2015, we were inspired from listening to several acclaimed educators, including the 2009 California Teacher of the Year, the 2015 recipient of the National Teacher of the Year, and a teacher from the heartening documentary TEACH. Each of these speakers encouraged us to never stop bettering ourselves for our students. These moving presentations marked some of the highlights of Convo 2015, during which we learned the importance of stepping out of our comfort zone, even if it means rapping to our students. We even had the chance to speak with Shanna Peeples, the National Teacher of the Year, who taught us to never overlook our students, who all have a story to tell.
  1. DSC_8511Motivational workshops: A big part of Convo was attending smaller breakout sessions and workshops tailored to our own professional interests or chapter needs. There was something for everyone, whether you are a preservice teacher, new to the classroom, or have been in the field for 30+ years. One of our personal favorites was the Literacy Alive! panel. We heard from other chapters who found great success in their Literacy Alive! events. It motivated us to take these ideas back to our chapter, where we can make them “Temple Made.”
  1. Networking:DSC_8107 We started networking with other chapters even before we expected to when we went to lunch and spotted the famous black KDP lanyards sitting right next to us (shout out to you, Saint Joe’s, Tau Omega Chapter!). Even though we are situated only 20 minutes from each other in Philadelphia, it took flying almost 1,000 miles away to join forces for both lunch and collaboration. And we exchanged program ideas with another chapter across the state, while our counselors bonded over their mutual love of the Pittsburgh Steelers (shout out to you, Mercyhurst University, Alpha Beta Pi Chapter!).
  1. Merchandise:DSC_0248 Of course, we had to stop in the Convo store! For sale, they had t-shirts to help us rep the KDP letters, as well as water bottles with inspiring quotes, which people were nearly fighting over to grab. The best part of the onsite store? No shipping charges!

We are already looking forward to Convo 2017 in our home state of Pennsylvania, in Pittsburgh. Hopefully, you too can become inspired and motivated . . . and maybe catch a Steelers game with our chapter counselor!

Joan FanwickIMG_8907 and Danni Moser are juniors at Temple University. Joan is in the 4+1 program to get her master’s degree in Special Education in addition to her bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. She serves as the Alpha Alpha Nu Chapter Events Coordinator. Danni is in the Early Childhood Education program at Temple. She serves as President of the Alpha Alpha Nu Chapter.

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