An Unusual Turn of Events

At Kappa Delta Pi Headquarters, we tend to care deeply about our members. Sometimes, that means we go a little above and beyond the usual customer service relationship.

Recently, staffer Thomas UlmetIMG_0016 worked with Oakland University to install their brand new chapter of KDP. The relationship he formed with the new officers opened a door to be part of a very personal event in the life of the new chapter president.

Chapter Vice-President Katie Juronoc asked Thomas for a “random favor” a few weeks before the chapter installation ceremony was to take place. That favor turned out to be a big surprise for Chapter President Karie Czapski.

It turns out Karie’s boyfriendIMG_7787 needed assistance in his plan to pop the question, and KDP came to the rescue. Through maneuvering and subterfuge, Thomas and Katie arranged for Karie to show up at the spot where she met her boyfriend, all under the pretense that she was to present a KDP Informational Meeting to potential new members. Karie, always prepared to serve and promote KDP, dressed in her business attire and showed up with presentation ready to go. Instead she was presented with a ring and a proposal.

Of course, she said yes!

“First things first, I want to say thank you so much for everything you did to help plan for my amazing day! I am still flabbergasted and just blown away that there was, in fact, no presentation and that this was all just an elaborate plan. I am overjoyed and I am still in shock! This is was the best engagement I could have asked for, and I was surrounded by so many loved ones. I learned just what type of people I have been working with in KDP, too. This organization has brought more joy into my life then I could have ever imagined! Again, thank you so much!” – Karie Czapski

Has your involvement with KDP brought you similar joy and happiness? Share your story!

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