Celebrate 105 Years Today!

FD 2 1200Founders Day is a time to reflect on the great educators who came before us, the mentors and experiences that shape us today, and the innovators that will transform the profession in the years ahead.

For more than a century, our dedication to leadership, service, and scholarship has guided our focus in offering an innovative, diverse network of support to our members throughout their careers. Tuesday we celebrate 105 years as a catalyst for achievements of outstanding educators, teacher leaders, and experts in the field of education.

Join the celebration!

In honor of Founders Day, the KDP’s Former Presidents have joined forces to ignite the celebration with an opportunity to double your donation in support of Kappa Delta Pi.

Donations of $19.11 will be doubled until all matching funds are exhausted. What does this mean?

Every dollar raised empowers members to build on their careers, helping them become outstanding educators and encouraging their scholarly achievement.

Thanks to our following members for their contributions so far today (updated 10:01 p.m. EST 3/9/2016):

  • Chris B.
  • Demi B.
  • Nathan B.
  • Robin B.
  • Susan B.
  • Susannah B.
  • Tamara B.
  • Cori C.
  • Marilyn C.
  • Mary C.
  • Melissa C.
  • Thomas C.
  • Barbara D.
  • Harold D.
  • Laurie D.
  • Ruth D.
  • Wally D.
  • Melissa E.
  • Rachel E.
  • B. G.
  • Carl G.
  • Olivia G.
  • Jayne H.
  • Denisha J.
  • Kort J.
  • Shirley J.
  • Marcy K.
  • Pamela K.
  • John L.
  • Carol M.
  • Frank M.
  • Leana M.
  • Mary Kate M.
  • Peggy M.
  • Abdulkadir N.
  • Karen N.
  • Marilyn N.
  • Marquita N.
  • Anna O.
  • Laura P.
  • Rosemary P.
  • Janette R.
  • Jerry R.
  • June R.
  • Sally R.
  • Chapin S.
  • Clinton S.
  • Donna Gail S.
  • Erin S.
  • Erin S.
  • Faye S.
  • Lisa S.
  • Vicki S.
  • William S.
  • Kathy T.
  • Liliana T.
  • Sandra T.
  • Vicky T.
  • Dorothy V.
  • Martha V.
  • Ron W.
  • Nancy Y.
  • Sarah Z.
  • Anonymous (x4)

Give online today to have your gift DOUBLED with this Founders Day match initiative.

FD 3 1200

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