Is a KDP member the Best in Education?


When you think of an active K-12 teacher who exemplifies the profession and accomplishes more with less, who comes to mind? Certainly, that person is a KDP member!

Nominate that teacher for a $20,000 prize! invites the members and staff of Kappa Delta Pi to nominate outstanding K-12 teachers for the Escalante–Gradillas Prize for Best in Education. Awarded annually in alternating years to a school administrator or teacher, the 2015 prize went to principal Lisa Kaplan of Andrew Jackson School in Philadelphia. For 2016, a practicing teacher will receive the prize.

The Escalante–Gradillas Prize for Best in Education goes to an educator who exemplifies the same spirit as noted math teacher Jaime Escalante of Stand & Deliver film fame and his principal, Henry Gradillas. Escalante and his AP Calculus students achieved notoriety through hard work and devotion to excellence, overcoming numerous obstacles. seeks the same in an educator you know—someone who achieves stellar results while accomplishing more with less.

Nominate a teacher through June 1, 2016!

Further details and nominating qualifications are at site and on the informational guide found here. A panel of leading educators will award $10,000 to the selected teacher, with an additional $10,000 granted to that teacher’s school or district. Finalists will be announced September 1, 2016, with the winner chosen in early October 2016.

Feel free to share the following shortlink with others on social media:
Also, send a tweet to let your followers know about the prize!

Good luck to all of the nominees!

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