A Teacher’s Love and Kindness

Silvia Rojas is a senior at the University of North Carolina – Charlotte. She is currently about to start her full-time internship in Special Education. Ms. Rojas is a certified Reading Specialist and a volunteer for the past 7 years at Levine Children’s Hospital, where she hopes to work one day as a child life specialist.

This is her story…

I am becoming a teacher because—like so many other teachers—I found a teacher that helped me to become excited about my education.

I always did well in school, but music was the one class with which I had the most trouble. For some some reason, I could never become excited about this subject. Then, in first grade, Miss Paredes became my music teacher.

She immediately took me under her wing and recognized my hidden talents—making the shy little girl I was into an extraordinary pianist.

Miss Paredes passed away a few years ago in a terrorist attack in my home country. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time, as she just happened to be walking by when the explosion took place. She is no longer in this physical world, but in my heart, she is still very much alive in every piece of music I play.

Her love and kindness makes me realize there is something special in all of us.

I will never forget Miss Paredes’ kindness, encouragement, and the patience she showed when students (like me) made an error. She insisted on turning every task into something exciting and magical, and she took the time to get to know me. I loved her and appreciated her for that.

Miss Paredes is the teacher I want to be someday—even if only in an attempt.

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