What I Want to Be for My Students

Katie Harding is a sophomore Elementary Education major with a math concentration at Michigan State University. She is currently trying to survive finals so that she can make her way into her own classroom and help make the world a better place.

This is her story…

HardingWalking into Mr. Christian’s classroom, upon first glance, you might think he’s a pretty scary dude.

However, after having him as a teacher and coach for 2 years, you realize he is as scary as a teddy bear.

Mr. Christian takes a personal interest in every single student and is as invested in you as you are yourself.

I took AP European History just because he would be my teacher. Let me assure you—AP Euro was not in my interests. But, I knew that having him as a teacher would make it (and the potential college credit) worthwhile.

If I was having a difficult time at home or with an assignment, I knew that I could walk into his room and ask for his help. He showed me that hard classes can be manageable if you have a teacher that is willing to work alongside you every single day.

As a sophomore at MSU, I recently changed my major to education because I want to make an impact through my job, and nobody makes a stronger impact than a teacher.

Mr. Christian showed me how you can go beyond being a teacher and become a role model, and that is what I wish to be to my students.

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