#GivingTuesday: Let’s Play Puppets and Babies

Help KDP fund a Classroom Teacher Grant for “Let’s Play Puppets and Babies!”, a Classroom Manipulatives project by Vanessa Cain. She teaches Preschool and has 10 years of teaching experience.

Application for Funding:

The “Let’s Play Puppets and Babies” project materials will be used in a two-year-old classroom environment. These materials will encourage our young thinkers to become expressive through creative arts. The current group of children love playing with stuffed animals and puppets, but our current selection is lacking variety and many puppets are missing pieces.

Our baby dolls have no dress up clothing and are very large for their little hands. This grant will allow me to purchase new puppets and babies with clothing for the classroom. The children will have enough materials to engage in meaningful play experiences and provide additional opportunities for learning to pre-plan as they create their own puppet shows!

How the $150 would be spent:

The $150 grant will be used to purchase new materials for our dramatic play/reading center. Items would include two styles of hand puppets, baby dolls with removable clothing, and a kit for the children to create a puppet stage.

Learn more about KDP Classroom Teacher Grants.

Read about our #GivingTuesday campaign. Every dollar given to KDP through Tuesday will go directly into the hands of an educator.

Donate today!

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