#GivingTuesday: Math Alive!

Help KDP fund a Classroom Teacher Grant for “Math Alive!”, a Classroom Project by Brenda Mescher. She teaches 6th and 7th grade and has 13 years of teaching experience.

Application for Funding:

image_mescher-brenda-1I would like to purchase three digital cameras for my 7th grade math class.

Every day, while teaching math, I always stress the importance of the math concept and how we can use it each and every day and how it is applicable. The truth is, math is EVERYWHERE! I would love to have the cameras in my classroom so that throughout the year, for various lessons, we can “capture” the math to make it come alive and document the applicable concepts as a means of assessment and understanding for the students.

There are so many examples, including, but not limited to: capturing various angles around the school to then use for measurement and other geometric calculations; finding examples of use of integers, such as staircases; documenting various shapes to then be used for perimeter, area, and scaling practice; documenting various scenery to be used within a coordinate grid to then find the line to graph to match it, etc! The opportunities are endless! Having three cameras on hand at all times, would help to grab and go to capture to help keep math alive and applicable! What a cool way for the students to gain better understanding and use of math concepts and terminology!

How the $150 would be spent:

It will be spent on three digital cameras. If there is money to spare, it can be used on extra memory cards or cases for the cameras.

Learn more about KDP Classroom Teacher Grants.

Read about our #GivingTuesday campaign. Every dollar given to KDP through Tuesday will go directly into the hands of an educator.

Donate today!

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