#GivingTuesday: Art in the Functional Classroom

Help KDP fund a Classroom Teacher Grant for “Art in the Functional Classroom”, a Classroom Manipulatives project by Beth Shoults. She teaches 9th – 12th grade and has 4 years of teaching experience.

Application for Funding:

My students need supplies to express themselves artistically and have access to instructional materials which will be used to create anchor charts to deepen their knowledge. We need pencils, paper and more. My students are diagnosed with a range of disabilities from Intellectual Disability, Autism, and various physical impairments. However, the disability does not define them and they have a passion for life and learning new things. They seek to become better students and people through school. Money for school supplies is not abundant for families. My students are accustomed to having to use sub-par materials, but they deserve better.

How the $150 would be spent:

These supplies will be used to allow students to explore their artistic abilities and express themselves through art. Students will also use these supplies to explore leisure activities they are interested in. Providing my students with the opportunity to explore new areas of art that they are not accustomed could light a spark which they otherwise would not have been exposed to. It could lead to a new passion or career path. The chart paper and easel will be used in classroom instruction of all content material and provide students with a point of reference to look to when content is presented to them. The oil pastels will provide our students with other mediums to use besides crayons and markers to create their art pieces.

Learn more about KDP Classroom Teacher Grants.

Read about our #GivingTuesday campaign. Every dollar given to KDP through Tuesday will go directly into the hands of an educator.

Donate today!

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