#GivingTuesday: TV Turnoff

Help KDP fund a Classroom Teacher Grant for “TV Turnoff”, a Classroom Project by Amy Popp. She teaches K – 5th grade and has 8 years of teaching experience.

image_popp-amy-1Application for Funding:

Tuscan School, an elementary school, in Maplewood, New Jersey, would like to expand the TV Turnoff program. This year marks the fourteen year of TV Turnoff at Tuscan School. Tuscan was the first school in the South Orange-Maplewood School District to run this event. It has been successful year after year. However, we would like to attract even more students to the program and to do that we would like to publicize it more.

image_popp-amy-2Tuscan’s annual TV Turnoff program is comprised of three levels: gold, silver, and bronze. On the gold level, students may only watch TV during the weekends; on silver they may watch a half hour of TV Monday through Thursday in addition to weekend viewing; and on bronze, students may watch an hour of TV Monday through Thursday and then throughout the weekend. The program encourages participation in other activities besides TV such as reading, athletics, educational computer games, cooking, crafts, etc. At Tuscan, students and parents love this program.

image_popp-amy-3With this grant, we would like to expand publicity for TV Turnoff at our school. We would like to create banners in the school for TV Turnoff; produce bookmarks publicizing TV Turnoff; and purchase small prizes for students that participate in TV Turnoff.

How the $150 would be spent:

The $150 grant will be spend on materials to publicize TV Turnoff.

Learn more about KDP Classroom Teacher Grants.

Read about our #GivingTuesday campaign. Every dollar given to KDP through Tuesday will go directly into the hands of an educator.

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