#GivingTuesday: Fidgets and Wiggle Seats to Assist Students with ADHD & Anxiety

Help KDP fund a Classroom Teacher Grant for “Fidgets and Wiggle Seats to Assist Students with ADHD & Anxiety”, a Classroom Manipulatives project by Sarah Pence. She teaches 4th grade and has 5 years of teaching experience.

Application for Funding:

image_pence-sarah-1This grant would allow me to purchase more fidgets and a wiggle seat for my classroom. I currently have one seat like this in my class and the kids love it! It allows them to wiggle and rock in their seat while they focus in on their learning.

I have 11 students who deal with ADHD (hyperactive or inattentive types), general inattentiveness, or anxiety. Have an extra wiggle seat (Hokki Stool) available to share among the students would allow more students to have seating that meets their need to be active. Also, having more than the 4 fidgets I currently have will give children choice in what tool may help them keep their hands busy but brain alert, or what may help them relax and reduce stress or anxiety in the classroom.

How the $150 would be spent:

image_pence-sarah-2I will spend $124 on the Hokki Stool (purchased from Amazon.com). The remaining $26 will be used to purchase fidgets such as putty, stress balls, and chewy pencil toppers to help students with ADHD and anxiety; I have several students who chew on their shirts or pencils when they are nervous or anxious. It will be a healthier outlet for them to use the fidgets to combat stress and keep their hands or mouths busy in a safe way. (See https://www.therapyshoppe.com/category/1051-fidget-toys-calming-fidgets-stress-sensory-balls-quiet-focus-toys for an example of the types of fidgets I will buy.)

Learn more about KDP Classroom Teacher Grants.

Read about our #GivingTuesday campaign. Every dollar given to KDP through Tuesday will go directly into the hands of an educator.

Donate today!

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