Unsung Hero: Dr. Jill Hutcheson

Growing up, I never liked getting up in front of people to speak about anything.

Dr. Hutcheson looked past my shyness by providing me with encouraging advice that has helped me grow and develop into the person I want to become. She assigned a project where we had to create a lesson plan and present it to the class for twenty minutes.

When I got up in front of my class, she could tell that I was scared out of my mind, yet saw my potential when I presented the music videos I created to educate students about colors. After that, Dr. Hutcheson continued to complement my voice, while questioning what I do with my voice.

After I told her how I work with individuals who have disabilities through music and movement, she allowed my students to perform at a Kappa Delta Pi meeting.

Dr. Hutcheson also nominated me to create a poster about what I do for the Student Research Symposium at Lindenwood University, where I won first place through the education department.

Dr. Hutcheson is also the Assistant Dean of the Education Program at Lindenwood University. She is also an advisor for students who are elementary majors, and has led and created many programs and opportunities.

Everything that Dr. Hutcheson has accomplished and provided to make Lindenwood University’s Department Of Education program what it truly is has allowed many university students with the chance to learn how to educate, advocate, and create awareness throughout the university.

If it were not for Dr. Hutcheson, the program, and opportunities to allow students to grow, learn, and become the best teachers they can become, they would not be as incredible as they are today.

Dr. Jill Hutcheson, Lindenwood University

What are 4 characteristics or qualities that make Dr. Hutcheson an outstanding educator?

  1. Dr. Hutcheson cares about what her students want, and need by providing support for anything and everything she possibly can, so her students know that they can and will succeed.
  2. Dr. Hutcheson always listens to my hopes, and dreams while providing me with opportunities to reach my highest potential.
  3. Dr. Hutcheson believed in me before I believed in myself.
  4. Dr. Hutcheson loves and respects everybody who enters her classroom whether students want to be in her class at 8:00 am or not. Dr. Hutcheson always makes learning fun, and meaningful to allow us to share what we learn with our students as future teachers.

Dr. Jill Hutcheson, Associate Professor at Lindenwood University, is being recognized by Amy Shapiro (Student, Lindenwood University).

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