Unsung Hero: Kimberly Judice

Mrs. Kim has always inspired me to keep learning and keep trying even when the math (and life) got a little tough.

She would explain math in a way that made sense, and when it didn’t, she would have another way of explaining at the ready.

I remember one day when the calculus class was discussing career options and I had been struggling with my decision of wanting to teach, Mrs. Kim helped me realize that teaching really could be ideal for me.

Even after graduation, I keep in touch with Mrs. Kim, and she always asks how school is going and encourages me to keep going.

I had several teachers tell me not to even waste my time becoming a teacher and that it is not worth it, but Mrs. Kim never did.

She really an amazing teacher who continues to care even after the student leaves her classroom.

Kimberly Judice, Math Teacher at Loreauville High School is being recognized by Emilie Broussard (University of Louisiana at Lafayette).

Click the above image for more information about Unsung Hero Week 2017.

To support KDP’s work to retain effective teachers like Kimberly, make a tax-deductible donation today.

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