Unsung Hero: Mary Robison

Mary Robison has proof that she is transformative in helping children grow and self-actualize.

Scores of them are in contact with her from across the years giving thanks and testimony to the ways in which Mary’s robust self-efficacy in certainty that she can help kids grow becomes a wonderful contagion in her class.

Mary’s students learn that they can learn anything they want to learn and will pursue. She introduces each child to his or her own wonders of intellect, awareness, and passion for learning.

She causes a fervent love of reading, multiple lifeskills, science acumen, and an inoculation against boredom with history by making those human stories come alive and resonate with today.

Best of all, Mary Robison instills an unshakable sense of confidence in children because she models it daily while bridging them to the hardest, best work they have ever done.

Mary Robison, Westfield Intermediate School

What are 5 characteristics or qualities that make Mary an outstanding educator?

  1. Individualized perception of each child in her care.
  2. Novelty is everywhere in the lessons she creates. It truly is remarkable and memorable.
  3. Compassion drives her core, and she infuses her classes with deep, safe, caring collaboration that supercharges all learning while being time efficient and magnifying of her own self-efficacy.
  4. Authentic tasks, external experts and audiences for student work/exhibition, and a direct, genuine dialogue with students and parents about the lofty goals for their time together.
  5. Unavoidably contagious enthusiasm for all learning and all learners’ interests that can be brought to bear in getting them and keeping them engaged.

Mary Robison, Teacher at Westfield Intermediate School, is being recognized by Scott Robison (Superintendent, Zionsville Community Schools).

Click the above image for more information about Unsung Hero Week 2017.

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